When asked to imagine a heavy metal band, you’d probably picture bats, black clothes, skulls, or graveyards - something dark and threatening, right? Well, try inflatable shark costumes and beer bongs because these are some of the scenes that you may witness at a CHUB gig. Formed in late 2019 following a collective anger at the UK General Election, this Eastbourne-hailing four-piece describe their music as “half-political, half-let’s-all-drink-and-party”, which is expertly portrayed in their live performance, as well as their released music. 

    CHUB transport listeners into their universe of metal inspired party punk – namely by 70s and 80s legends such as Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, and AC/DC. Despite being heavily influenced, their own unique sound does not fail to shine through; in the form of distinctively fluid riffs from Greg and Zakk, Kyle’s invigorating punk-style drums, and the deep hearty vocals of Ben. I’d consider it the kind of aggressive but contrastingly friendly metal that you could play in front of your elderly grandparents without sending them into cardiac arrest. Covid Kingpin, their second single, is a strong representation of these key elements. The coronavirus-themed song was written in the virus’ infancy, with heavy political yet somehow light-hearted lyrical content. It’s hard to believe that this song was penned before lockdown as they have cleverly tapped into a tough, relatable frustration that swept nationwide over the pandemic. Illustrating these feelings through music is a skill CHUB can pride themselves on. 
    I recently visited the Blue Bar – a local, sticky-floored dive bar frequented by the boys of CHUB – to watch them headline, and I can honestly say it was the most fun I’ve had in a while. From the moment CHUB took the floor, they had the whole venue dancing, singing along, or just plainly marvelling at the shark costume that vocalist Ben was rocking. It truly was a sight to behold. These guys are masters of their craft, not only musically but they seem to be able to entertain a crowd, no matter what size; I can’t claim the bar was packed with people shoulder-to-shoulder, but that didn’t matter because the atmosphere that CHUB create could make any amount of people feel like a party. And it certainly did. 
Something special about CHUB is their brilliant on-stage chemistry. When I caught up with them following the gig, they credited this to the fact that they’ve “known each other for f*ckin’ ages,” having been friends for over 10 years. Bassist Zakk said it was a happy coincidence that each member of the friend group happened to play a different instrument prior to becoming a band, so it only made sense that CHUB was formed. 
Ultimately, I think CHUB are on rock; their rich history as friends partnered with their huge sense of fun, political awareness, and musical abilities makes them a real special band to encounter. Over the next few months, they will be releasing a series of singles leading up to their debut album – “Al Bum” – which drops in April 2023. You can find more information on their social media platforms @chubtheband, along with regular updates and content of what the band are up to. Keep your eyes and ears peeled because I have good feeling about this one! 

Read my exclusive (possibly drunken) interview with CHUB in full below!



Date: Saturday 29th October 2022

Time: 00:31


Interviewer: This is CHUB’s interview following their gig at Blue Bar. The first question is where and when were you guys formed, what’s your story? 


Greg (guitar): We’re all from Eastbourne, we formed in late 2019, just before the pandemic hit, so perfect time to start a band. We were basically all a bit pissed off at the 2019 election, so we decided we wanted to do some angry punk music, and we all already played our instruments to some degree, so we just decided to give it a go. Since then, we’re like half-political, half-let’s-all-drink-and-party music, and we’ve developed the character from there.


Interviewer: Honestly, your two singles “Covid Kingpin” and “Wasters”, like half-political, half-party, really embody that. 


Kyle (drums): I was gonna say also, we’ve all been friends for like between fifteen and ten years each, so we’ve all known each other fucking ages and we can’t take anything too seriously. So, we started like “we’re gonna get angry about politics!” and then we started making songs about fucking D&D and shit!


Zakk (bass): It’s also a miracle that, all four of us played something different.


Kyle (drums): A coincidence! 


Zakk (bass): Yeah, guitar, drums, singer, bassist – it just sort of happened. 


Interviewer: I mean, in your songs I heard heavy 70s metal influences, I just wanted to know who or what inspires you?


Zakk (bass): For me, it’s Black Sabbath and Motley Crue, and AC/DC.


Interviewer: Yes! I definitely heard Black Sabbath, but, in a way that your own voice shines through it. You can hear it but it’s still unique.


Ben (vocals): Yeah, I think because we’re all big metalheads, it’s hard to not see the big influences from all of our favourite music. We’re all huge fans of big metal bands, you know like Metallica, Black Sabbath, and it kind of comes through in a lot of the songs. So, even though we’re going for a punk kinda feel, we have like a lot of metal influence. 


Interviewer: I love that. So, I wanted to know what’s the story behind your name CHUB cause it’s a sick name!


Greg (guitar): Does anyone actually remember?


Zakk (bass): We were in Whetherspoons, and it was literally just a process of “that name’s shit, what about this, no it’s shit, etc.” and then someone said CHUB, I can’t even remember who said CHUB.


Kyle (drums): Well, we wanted, a short and sweet name. We went through like “chum, chug, or chub”, we just wanted a “ch” because it’s, a gross sound. And then the word chub it’s so multifaceted, it’s like are we talking about how fat we are, are we talking about a little bit of a semi-boner, or are we talking about a weird breed of fish? It could be anything! You know? 


Zakk (bass): Or are we talking about a security company?


Kyle (drums): Oh dude, yeah, every fucking gig we play they put us down as Chub with two Bs, like we’ve been indoctrinated by a security company! 


Interviewer: That’s so random, I love the um, wait what was it you said again about the fish or the half…yeah?


Kyle (drums): It’s like a fish, it’s like a boner, or it’s how fat we are man! 


Interviewer: I’m gonna quote you on that I hope you don’t mind. Okay so obviously you play here a lot; you’ve supported Demure and now Demure have supported you – what do you like about this venue? I mean I can tell what I like cause it’s buzzing, it’s a really cool place!


Ben (vocals): Blue’s [Bar] really special to our hearts in a way because we’ve been friends for so long and we’ve been going out in Eastbourne and getting drunk and stuff, we’ve been going here since we are 18. We’ve been coming here for 12 years.


Greg (guitar): Kyle threw up on that couch!


Kyle (drums): Oh yeah, I’ve thrown up on that couch.


Interviewer: I’ve sat on that couch!


Kyle (drums): It was a long time ago.


Ben (vocals): But I think because of that, it holds a special place in our hearts and because we have a strong community of friends and everyone who knows us around the area, who want to come and support us which we absolutely love. And the venue loves it as well because it gets people through the door. 


Interviewer: Yeah, I mean, after the gig the amount of people talking to you and getting involved during the gig as well. Was it the beer bong, you called it? That was so cool, mixed with the shark outfit, it’s just very very cool!


Ben (vocals): Yeah, there’s not always the shark outfit but there’s always the beer bong!


Interviewer: Okay, ALWAYS the beer bong, will remember that! So, do you have any plans, well you said you’re releasing an album next year, can I get an inside scoop on the album?


Greg (guitar): We’ve been very lucky cause Zakk’s dad is actually a very well-known folk musician, Damh The Bard, so he knows everything about mixing and mastering and has been kind enough to do that side of things for us. We did all the recording ourselves at our various houses, in kind of a ramshackle way with pillows for insulation and stuff. 


Kyle (drums): When we did vocals, we had a mic stand, with a noise shield thing, but we didn’t have any means of keeping it on, so we tied it on with a sock. 


Interviewer: So, you recorded both your singles at home, with a sock?!


Ben (vocals): The singles that are on our YouTube and everything, were recorded by one of our friends - Sean Horsefield of Mixdog Productions - but everything we’ve done for the singles that will be coming out soon in the next few months, from between now and spring, and the album, were all recorded ourselves. It will be mixed and mastered by Zakk’s dad. 


Interviewer: Amazing, so all music released previously and upcoming were recorded by you and your Sean Horsefield.


Ben (vocals): I think people appreciate the D.I.Y approach because, like Billie Eilish, herself and Finneas literally did everything from their house. It was pretty much the same for us, we just kind put everything together and were like it sounds great!


Interviewer: Honestly, if I didn’t know that I would think your singles were recorded professionally because they sound great! Okay, so one last question, what is your drink of choice to get “wasted” to? I’m gonna go down the line - I’ll start with Zakk.


Zakk (bass): When I’m on a diet, which is like 95% of my life, it’s a gin and tonic. But when I’m not on a diet, which is 5% of my life, it’s beer. 


Ben (vocals): For me, if it’s a normal drink, I love a Guinness, I do love a Guinness. But if we’re getting fucked and it’s a shot… shout out to Tuaca. Brighton Tuaca *chef’s kiss* glorious shot. If you’ve never tried it you have to try it, it’s amazing.


Interviewer: Wish me luck spelling that in the morning, I’ll have to do some Googling! How about Kyle?


Kyle (drums): If I’m being a good boy, it’s normally cider, I’m one of those fruity cider guys no shame. But if I’m going for it, it’s normally rum and lemonade. And I’m that arsehole that goes and gets jagerbombs and shit for everybody as well. I’m that guy who sorts a jagerbomb when someone says they’re taking it easy.


Greg (guitar): So, I’m normally a bit of a craft ale wanker, but I’m also on a diet, so it’s whiskey and lemonade for me. 


Kyle (drums): He says with a beer.


Greg (guitar): Today doesn’t count. 


Ben (vocals): It’s funny cause half of CHUB are trying not to be chub. 


Interviewer: I don’t appreciate that guys, I don’t appreciate that! But I respect you all for it. Any closing statements?


Zakk (bass): I don’t know if you guys were about to say this, but did you mention what the album is called? 


Collective: No!


Zakk (bass): The album is coming out in April 2023, it’s gonna be called “AL BUM”, and we’re gonna have a single in November, January, February, so follow us on our socials.


Greg (guitar): It’s all at chubtheband!


Interviewer: Cool, that was CHUB the band, thank you very much, guys. 


CHUB The Band live at Blue Bar 28/10/2022








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